How To Get The Lube That You Need On A Coloplast anal Plug 

Coloplast anal plugs are not only a hygienic but can also be used to solve a variety of problems including; hemorrhoids, bleeding during or after intercourse and infections. This product comes as a long slender plastic tube that has a bulbous end and an open top for you to insert the plug and it is very important that you use the correct type of plug that is recommended by your physician. As this product can be used for all different types of purposes it is best that you choose the right one that matches your needs. You should always make sure that you understand the instructions before you begin so that you do not have any issues later on.

One of the best known advantages of Coloplast anal plugs is that it is able to withstand a lot of friction. This means that if your partner is highly aroused, or is having an energetic moment, then you are likely to be able to remove the plug without any pain or discomfort, check butt plug. This is a great benefit as it can also be inserted into the rectum and will be able to come out with much less friction. The length of the anal plug varies greatly, some come in at a maximum of one inch while others can go up to 4 inches in length. Each of these lengths will provide a different level of pleasure when inserted into the rectum. Some people will be satisfied with a simple "click and crackle" experience, whilst others will be more pleased with gentle massaging movements.

There are a number of benefits to using a lubricant when you are using a Coloplast anal plug. First of all, if you are new to using an anal plug or are unsure about how to use one, using a lube is the perfect thing to practice on. As you will soon discover, there are many benefits to using a lubricant such as Vaseline, water based gel or oil and in this case you will be able to control the amount of friction and therefore ensure that your anal plug does not slide around too much. In addition to being safe, this will also provide you with a comfortable feel whilst you insert and remove your anal plug.

When you insert a lubricant, make sure that it is of the right consistency. If it is too thin it will not allow for effective suction, however if it is too thick it could cause some irritation. Once inserted correctly, begin to gently massage the anal plug before slowly moving it inwards. Be gentle not to over massage the plug, because this may cause it to slip out of place.

Once you have started to lubricate your plug, continue this process for the required amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. Most lubes will recommend that you allow them to become lubed up for around 5 minutes before attempting to insert it again. As the lubricant is becoming easier to handle, allow it to dry completely, also read more here. Once it has dried sufficiently, then insert it back into the anus. For those who find it a bit strange that they are fully inserted, don't be too surprised. This is actually quite common for most women and is meant to be a result of the lubricant making its way back into the vagina.

Once inserted, allow the lubricant to stay in place for around 10 minutes. You can then remove your anal plug to see if the lubricant has any effect on the insertion process. If so, it's a good idea to leave it in for the remainder of the treatment. Read more at